From Einar of Vindemiatrix


Einar hunkered behind his shield and readied Ulfberht. He stepped forward a few paces and shouted out, “Come forth, mighty Livyathan! I challenge you to mortal combat, and I will see your head removed for the evil you have wrought upon Kuma!”

The single green eye seemed to widen, then it rose up higher, and higher, and higher into the dark vault of the chamber. Out beyond the light, the sound of a mighty beast moving through the sea of thick, sticky mud reached their ears. Ascella watched as the monstrous head lowered and came into view. Though muddy, she could see it was of a reddish color. It was covered in large scales, and spikes jutted out in all directions. On the top of the head, two exceptionally large horns swept backward.

Its brow ridge was rather pronounced and under its left side, the single, great, green eye came into view. Perhaps it was her imagination, but that eye seemed angry, and spiteful, as if a thousand years of maliciousness and hate lay behind it. 

From Dark Moon Rising:

Moon base. Joint International Lunar Laboratory, J.I.L.L.


from Ch. 1 of DARK MOON RISING:

"From above, JILL's entire collection of domed structures was visible. They were of various sizes, each dedicated to a different task. Tubes that allowed both foot and motorized traffic to flow between them interconnected all the domes.

Just a few meters east of the fifty–one original domes stood the latest addition to JILL known as the Barbicane Science Center. This facility was huge, nearly thirty kilometers north to south and forty three kilometers east to west with a number of secondary structures in proximity. The descendants of the great lunar pioneer Impey Barbicane had been far more than generous in their support of the Joint International Lunar Laboratory."

Do you know who Impey Barbicane was?

From The Battle of Broken Moon.

Explosion on the surface of the moon.



Dolph stepped close to the monitor nearest us. Looking at the women in the red echo–suit and said, "Sie sehen aus wie Walküren."

"What?" Walker asked.

"Yeah they do sort of look like Valkyries," I said. "Except they're too skinny and don't have horns on their helmets."

"Only in Amerika do you see them this way," his voice became low and his eyes did not leave the monitor. "The Walküren were originally harbingers of death. Dark sprites who soared over battlefields and collected the souls of the heroic dead and carried them to Vallholl, Wotan's feast hall, then he would include them into his army of ghost heroes. In Vallholl the Walküren served the slain warriors tankards of mead that never ran dry and plates of endless meat.

"The Walküren were Wotan's shield–maidens, virgins of unsurpassed beauty. Their hair was as fine golden thread, their eyes as blue as the Rhine, their skin like snow.

"They were beautiful, Ja, but terrible maidens, skilled in both battle and magic. In their hands lay the fate of warriors, heroes, cowards, and nations. They answered only to the will of Wotan."

"Wow, Dolph, you're really into that shit ain't ya?" Walker asked.

From Across a Sea of Stars:

Across a Sea of Stars by Michael Gonzales, crashed UFO on the moon

 “Captain Salazar,” Major Selina began, “have you ever heard of Apollo twenty?”

     “No, the Apollo program was canceled after Apollo seventeen back in December of 1972, I do believe.”

The Major smiled, “All these years later and the cover story still sticks, remarkable.
     “Chris, in the summer of 1971 Apollo 15 made its trip to the Moon and took a very unique series of photographic images of the Moon’s surface as part of the early lunar mapping survey. One image stood out, it can still be seen in the Apollo Image Atlas as AS15-P-9625. It is this picture.” The image appeared as a hologram in the center of the table.

     “This,” Major Selina went on, “is the crater Izsak on the Moon’s far side just inside sector five. Look here, just east of the crater. Do you see that little shard, looks like a discarded toothpick? It is in reality a spacecraft. Your scientists came to that conclusion in the early months of 1972.
     “Apollo’s 18 and 19 were basically recognizance missions prior to the August sixteenth, 1976 launch of Apollo 20.
     "The two astronauts and one cosmonaut took these photos and this film footage of the ship on the moon. Look familiar?”

    The Images on the holograph revealed a huge cylinder that tapered down at both the bow and the stern without coming to a point. The hull of the thing seemed to be etched with deep groves that formed patterns all over the hull; it was pocked marked with holes and craters from countless centuries of being struck by meteors. The stern was hidden in shadow or perhaps buried in the lunar soil.

     “It looks like Caval Du Mal’s ship.” Chris said.

     “Exactly, but it is quite a bit smaller, being only five hundred meters in diameter and thirty seven hundred long, whereas Caval Du Mall’s ship is—”

“Big,” Chris interrupted, “I know. Are you trying to tell me Caval Du Mal sent a ship to attack Earth?” 

From The Vampires of Antyllus:

The Vampires of Antyllus by Michael E. Gonzales. Creature in a blue forest.

 The enemy was stunned and fell back to take cover. It was long enough for Kathy to complete her nine-meter dash to the airlock, open the door and enter.

"Dave," she cried out, "I'll cover, you move," she then emptied a magazine into the enemy positions. All her rounds were ball ammo, regular bullets. The initial shock of Dave's attack had passed and more mercs had poured through the breach in the wall. They had very quickly placed themselves on three sides of the airlock. If Dave left his covered position now, he'd be shot to pieces.

Kathy and Dave both realized this; Kathy's eyes grew large, her mind racing to figure out how to extract Dave from this situation.

"Kathy—" Dave shouted, "go on, you have to get back!"

"I've never left anyone behind!" she shouted back.

"Baby, you ain't leaving me. I'm staying."

"Yeah baby, stay here with us!" one of the mercenaries called out.

"Come on sugar pie, give up or we'll blow your sweetheart here away."

"Kathy," Dave shouted, "think of the mission. Run!"

Kathy fired another magazine at the enemy positions out of sheer frustration, and then with a trembling hand, she pushed the button that closed the airlock door. From her squatting position on the floor, she heard the bullets slamming into the airlock. One of the last things she heard before it closed was a merc shouting, "Throw a grenade at him!"

From The Blue of Antyllus:


 Nash turned on the lights in the little room and spoke into the PA, “I am Captain Nash Rastaban. Many of you know me. Some of us have served together. You people have been lied to, and some of you know it. You think you are doing as you were hired to do, to protect IIEA property against the indigs and the CDF. The rest of you know exactly what has been happening here. I am speaking to all of you. In forty minutes, thousands of E’meset warriors, all of whom lost friends, family, and loved ones in the clinic, are going to come flooding in here looking for some payback. You have a choice to make: surrender now, or face the E’meset. Once the oxygen in here is gone, they’ll be all over you. Those of you who want to live, go outside — unarmed — and I guarantee your safety. Otherwise, all bets are off. You now have thirty-nine minutes.”