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Book 5 - The Blue of Antyllus

The fifth and last book of The Unborn Galaxy Series.


The alien world of Antyllus is moving forward under new rule now that the war has been fought and won. With the native E’meset tribe joining with the emerging rebel Earth forces against Wilmington, the nefarious commander of the corrupt IIEA army of mercenaries, a tenuous peace has been patched together—but the solution for that peace is not workable for some, and whispers of a deadly uprising are in the wind... 

Captain Nash Rastaban tries to rebuild his life after being duped into fighting with Wilmington’s iniquitous forces He is recruited by Dave Mitchell to help quell the mercenaries who plan to take over Antyllus—a battle he wants no part of. But when he stands to lose all he holds dear, he realizes that peace is something he is going to have to fight for—this time, on the right side.

Will Antyllus ever be settled? Can the E’meset trust the humans and SUBs to fight alongside them against those corrupt officials who would take over Antyllus for their own gain? Power is a formidable motivator, but Antyllus—and all it stands for—is worth this fight…worth dying for. Nash and the ragtag band of soldiers he leads are determined to protect their homes, their loves, and their lives—even if it means making a last, defiant stand here in THE BLUE OF ANTYLLUS…

The Vampires of Antyllus - Book 4

Book 4 of The Unborn Galaxy Series.

The Vampires of Antyllus


On Earth's first human settlement, on an exoplanet orbiting a distant binary star, there are found a great many strange creatures, and an anthropoid population.

Lieutenant Colonel Kathy Selina is selected for resettlement to this new world called Antillus. But upon arrival she is introduced to the malignant suspicion that there is something dark and nefarious permeating the colony. She finds there are few she can trust. The Colonel, and a hand-picked party, set out to discover what evil there is and to stop it. 

It is not the hostility of the anthropoids, the whale sized carnivores, the meter-long poisonous insects, or the lethal vegetation that threatens all life on the planet, it is rather...The Vampires of Antillus. 

Across a Sea of Stars - Book 3

Planets, spaceships, stars, sun

 Astronaut Cris Salazar is assigned to the Moon colony, JILL, for the study of an enigmatic singularity on the lunar surface. During an experiment within the crater Hohmann, Cris is captured in a peculiar gravitational field and is transported halfway across the universe.

His craft is wrecked in a strange world, and though he survives, he learns that his rough landing has accidently killed the son of the tyrannical ruler—and now, Cris must pay…or escape. But how can he leave innocents to face the chaos he’s inadvertently caused?

The inhabitants of this alien civilization come to Cris’s aid, and a wizard sets him on a quest that seems impossible to accomplish alone. But as he sets out on this dangerous mission, Cris is joined by a mystical and beautiful huntress, a near-giant, and a robotic intelligence.

Bloody battle and gut-wrenching loss in his own past have left Cris heartsore and reckless, but a journey that begins as a desperate bid for his own survival takes on new meaning as he finds something—and someone—to care about once more.

With billions of lives at stake—including those who have joined him in the deadly fight against advancing evil forces, Cris embraces a destiny he could never have anticipated from light years away ACROSS A SEA OF STARS... 

The Battle of Broken Moon - Book 2

Moon exploding, stars, Earth, outer space

 The Battle of Broken Moon is the story of the human condition, an examination of prejudice, and bias. A story of our desire to survive in the face of certain death. It is a story of treachery, and deceit, of irrational belief, and an irrepressible desire for power.

 It is the story of the human need for something that will complete us, and bring meaning to our lives.

It is the ancient story of the struggle between good and evil. It is a mirror on our past, a vista of the present, and a window to our future. 

 Humanity has always been its own yin and yang; struggling against itself. Good gives rise to evil, and evil feeds off of good. One cannot exist without the other.

 In fact, each thrives on the contest. Good would never be rewarded without a victory over evil. With no measure for it -- what good is good? 

 And what would evil be without its eternal foe? Indeed, were there no good in the universe who would recognize evil for what it is?

I hope book two of  'The Unborn Galaxy' will keep you riveted, I hope the twists will surprise, and the ending will please. 

Dark Moon Rising - Book 1

Earth seen from Moon, flying saucer, stars

 When a quake cracks the Moon apart and swallows a habitat with eight people inside, their survival is in question. Sergeant Hugh Pacherd takes command of the group, his primary goal to protect the woman he loves. Hugh discovers he’s on shaky footing, battling not only the elements, but the many powerful emotions at play within the band of survivors—envy, hatred, insanity, and the love between himself and Dr. Mary Eddington.

Inside the Earth’s satellite, they discover an alien base and a moldering spacecraft. Awakening the still-conscious but disembodied minds of ancient visitors could be their salvation—or the death of planet Earth.

An alliance is formed that both groups may return home. But there is a murderer loose—one of the humans—and Hugh believes the aliens can’t be trusted, either.

Deadly secrets threaten to destroy all life on Earth. Hugh Pacherd is the only man who might stop humanity’s destruction—but will he have to give up Mary to do it?

Nothing is as it seems—not even the valiant soldier, determined to save the woman he loves and the band of humans from a DARK MOON RISING…