About Us

Mike Gonzales


The Fictionist.

 My name is Mike Gonzales; I was born in Long Beach California back in the 20th Century.

After twenty years’ service in the army and several, now, as a museum curator, I have embarked on yet a third profession — that of fictionist.

My mind has always been a fertile place where at the sight of an oddly shaped cloud, or some other anomaly, I would ask myself, what if?

At last I have exhumed my imagination from the mental sarcophagus in which it had been so long entombed, and set it free. It now roams through the mountains of the Moon, the blue forests of other worlds, and the WWII battlefields of North Africa only to arrive on the Isle of Apples at the foot of Arthur’s tomb.

If you have no fear of murderers, aliens, wyvern, and phantoms — if the embrace of a lover's arms is your desire — if solving a mystery is to your liking — If you see tear drops on the page as a mark of the depth of your empathy … then join me on the many adventures I have given rise to.